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Olympic Games Rio 2016 Handball Arena

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RB1 Building

We are working in the retrofit of the central air conditioning of Av. Rio Branco 1.

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Novo Mundo Building

We are also working on the retrofit of this renowned carioca building.

Relevant facilities to our customers and society.

25 years of history

Thank you so much for being part of our story!
And to commemorate this milestone, our logo has evolved (check above).

MSTC expanding Horizons

Did you know that we are also operating in São Paulo and Florida (USA)?

Design, assembly and maintenance in air conditioning, mechanical and building ventilation systems

Decades of experience

MSTC Engineering Ltd. is a brazilian company. Specialized in air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, commercial and industrial, hydraulic and electric engeneering, offers wide range of services: assembly and facilities, projects and consulting, conservation and maintenance.

Founded in 1992, its technical experts, engineers and consultants accumulate previous experience in different Air Conditioning Engineering companies, thus enabling history within the best quality standards, and its highly reliable services to customers.

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Differentiated solutions

Year after year, MSTC team has been academically qualified in order to provide better and more specialized and updated services.

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Several facilities for diverse areas



Central air conditioning system project and installation


Correios de Niterói

Central air conditioning system project and installation


Sala Cecília Meireles

Central air conditioning system project and installation

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